Afghan Hounds and Pharaoh Hounds

Our most recent past

Below:  Phelezzi Perseus RCC

05.04.2000 (El Khyrias Almost Unreal at Saqlawi x Ch Saqlawi Standing Ovation)

Below: Birkhall Cloudberry AI - 2xRCC, multiple Green Star winner.

08.05.04  (Swe/FinCH Scaramis Solid Gold x Sashkan Midnight Romance)


Below:  Birkhall Tuppenny Treat  

25.06.00  (Tico Raphael x Sashkan Midnight Romance)

  CLICK HERE for Penny's album


Above:  Lucas - Birkhall Universal Soldier 

05.11.01  (CH Cloudside Black Marauder x Sashkan Midnight Romance)


Below:  Deefor - CH/Ir CH Metewand Calulo at Birkhall 

22.11.01 - 10.10.07  (CH Wilbus Libretto - Metewand California)

CLICK HERE to see Deefor's Album.


Below:  Flora - Sashkan Black Crystal - 1CC, BOB and Group 4, Best Veteran in Show Winner. 

29.06.97 - 25.06.07  (Sashkan Wind of Change x CH Sashkan Georgie Girl) pictured here with Katie.

Mother of CH Birkhall Victoria, Birkhall the Whirlwind, CH Birkhall Sophia, B Annabel RCC, B Megan RCC,B Kyle & B Mark.

Below:  Flora's daughter Victoria - CH Birkhall Victoria  25.11.01 - 01.04.06 (Phelezzi Perseus x Sashkan Black Crystal)  Tragically taken far too young...

Below:  Daisy - Sashkan Midnight Romance

01.10.08  (CH Boxadan Give Me A Break At Benatone (imp DK) x CH Sashkan Georgie Girl)

Peggy, Sam and Krystle

Below:  Peggy  - CH Top Peg of Daville  

04.08.70 (Tartu of Davlen x Tampa Bay of Davlen)  Our first Afghan Champion.


Above Right:  Lt to Rt - Izmars Hannah (dam of CH I Rebecca), CH Top Peg of Daville, Enchie - Izmars?? can anyone remember her show name?, Mustard - Davlen Sweet Solero (litter sister to CH D Petite Etoile, she survived being kicked by a horse!)

Below:  Sam - CH Bondor Some Like It Hot 

24.08.01 (CH Karnak Shamrock x CH Bondor Shades of Serenade)  Our first male Afghan Champion. 


Below:   Krystle - CH Birkhall It Happened Twice 

25.07.85  (CH Bondor Some Like It Hot x Jazar Flirtie Gertie at Birkhall)  Our first home bred Champion.


The First Ever Finnegan Litter

Below:  Claire's Nema - Birkhall Iponema

(CH Izmars Tragband Finegan x Jazar Flirtie Gertie at Birkhall)

Below:  John & Elma Clark's Kiri - CH Birkhall The Infidel at Kirghiz


Below:  Elizabeth Beck's Poppy - Birkhall The Ice Maiden RCC

Below:  Lizzie  - Birkhall Ideal Image at Rossmarch

Below:  Robert & Janet Carlyle's Sultan - Birkhall Infinity

Below:  Ian & Sonia Ferguson's Zoe - Birkhall Illusion at Solochia

Below:  Group Photo - Lt to Rt Lizzie, Spot, CH Krystal, Timothy, CH Kiri and West.

Below: Retirement Photo taken at the AHCS Open Show 2004 - B Cochilo-Oro, B Iponema and CH B The Infidel.

CH Krystle's Girls

 Below:  Elizabeth Beck's beautiful Marnie - Ir CH Birkhall Nemesis RCCs  

01.11.93 (CH Izmars Tragband Finnegan x CH Birkhall It Happened Twice)



Below:  Our Lucy - Birkhall Nippie Sweetie - never was there a more in-appropriately named Afghan!!  She is pictured here in Veteran Bitch being handled by Katie who was in the ring for the very first time.

Below: Gertie and her granddaughter Lucy - the only pic I can find of Gertie and she is about 13 years and turned away from the camera, there are definitely pics of her and I will search for them!  Gertie - Jazar Flirtie Gertie of Birkhall (Severnedene Red Rooster JW x Bookwood Jazar Moonjade - a CH Moonswift Moonglade daughter)


Hogarth, Walter and Connie

Below:  From our very first Afghan litter is Hogarth - SA CH Birkhall Beethoven, owned by Angus Peden, Hogarth became Top Afghan and Top Hound in South Africa. 27.05.71  (Simon of Shirini x Tara of Candidacasa)

Below:  Walter and Claire taken winning Junior Dog at Windsor 1986.  Birkhall Beelzebub  23.04.85  (CH Karnak Turmeric of Jazar x Birkhall for Violet - a daughter of CH Bondor Some Like It Hot and grandaughter of CH Top Peg of Daville)

Below:  Connie - Birkhall Goody Two Shoes (CH Ashihna Raoul x Jazar Flirtie Gertie of Birkhall)  This litter were rarely shown but produced well and crop up behind some of the winners in the ring today.

Other breeds at Birkhall

Below:  Connie and Dinky Smuffit (named by Anna!!) our Powder Puff Chinese Crested.  Photo taken summer 1988.

Below:  Bod - The Odd Bod from Birkhall, Anna's Hairless boy.  His T-shirt read "I hate Cats" :-)  totally untrue as he used to sleep beside our cat.


Below:  Sylvester - Birkhall Pirate King RCC, still with us but old and frail. Pictured with Katie at one of her first dog shows!


Below:  Gina - Brylach Garrioch RCC

Below:  Grouse - CH Rosslyn Argus - pictured winning the CC, Danny's first Deerhound and the very first Rosslyn Champion! The great love of Grouse's life was Krystle (CH Birkhall It Happened Twice)

Willie & Edwina

The only photo of any of the Bull Terriers that I can find, taken about 1973.

Left:  Willie - Plemont Plantagenet born 1970 (Romany River Music x Souperlative Gloria) my sister learned to walk by holding on to his ears and tail.

Right:  Edwina - Plemont Paramour born 1967 (CH Souperlative??? x Souperlative Gloria)




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